Dating an autistic person

25-Aug-2017 21:30

There is a universality to the suffering captured in “Aspie Seeks Love,” a new documentary by Julie Sokolow that premiered at Cinequest over the weekend.

As it chronicles its protagonist’s dogged attempts to enter a successful romantic relationship, the film reveals an agenda much deeper than discussing Asperger’s syndrome or the broader autistic spectrum.

In addition to gender's role in the prevelence of the condition, the experiment also found that people with 'systems-thinking minds' working in jobs related to science, technology, engineering or mathematics (known as 'Stem' fields) had a higher chance of being diagnosed than those in non-Stem industries.

The sun is streaming through the window, causing dust to dance in the air. I want to reach out and grab some, in the way I caught dandelion seedpods as a child. Instead, I sit still and concentrate hard on what the woman opposite me is saying. I believed I was ready for this moment, but the consultant psychiatrist’s words still have the power to shock. I have an interesting job as a writer and PR consultant — I communicate for a living. As the psychiatrist speaks, relief, elation and sadness overwhelm me because, finally, I have some answers.

Rachel Israel took a look at these movies and decided to go another way.

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In that sense, “Aspie Seeks Love” is as much a critique of American dating culture as it is a portrait of high-functioning autism.

This is more than three times the rate at which neurotypical children experience bullying.