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Vicki, I met a man on a website about two months ago, and we started to chat and to send emails to each other. When I told my boyfriend that I don’t have so much money and asked if he could pay for it by himself, he said that he is in a war region and has no access to his funds. The other thing I would like to know is, if I pay for his retirement and he is free to leave a war region, must he go straight to the USA or is he free to go wherever he wants? Sincerely, Sally Dear Sally, Please, please tell me you did not send any money to this person. I get tons of letters like yours every week from people who want to believe that the person they care about is really in the military. A few days later, I got an official-sounding email from the United Nations that I have to send a copy of my passport and two passport photographs to them. Two days later, I got another email from them that I have to make payment for his retirement -- ,000.

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NORCAP is the Norwegian Refugee Council’s expert deployment capacity.

Despite the 2016 peace agreement, Colombia is witnessing increased numbers of displacement due to ongoing intense clashes.

“Colombia sailed on the hope of the peace negotiations for four years, but that boat has for many people living in conflict zones docked.

As the fighting grinds on into its third year, millions of families are unable to make ends meet, and more than 3 million people have been driven from their homes, ending up in camps.

For families desperate for cash, unable to support their children or afraid they cannot protect their daughter’s “virtue”, marrying off a girl becomes the solution.Victims think they’re just helping out their soulmate, never realizing they’re aiding and abetting a crime.