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But it was moderator Ralph Garman’s introduction of certain surprise guests (some resurrected from the dead for the special occasion) that generated thrills and got fans’ blood racing.

Joining scheduled panelists were Desmond Harrington (Det.

One of my favorite lasting memories from Dexter is Quinn waking up in his car the night after a bender, legs draped out the passenger window, being woken by the sprinkler spraying the inside of his car. Her life has been dismantled after pulling the trigger last season, and she can’t have the things she truly loved: Dexter and being a cop. Vogel’s serial killer and making sure Deb doesn’t implode. Vogel receives two new presents: a His and Hers box set with scoops of brain in them. Vogel wants Dexter to revel in the psychopath he really is. Does she want to create the ultimate killing machine free of any worldly confines, most notably his attachment and apparent love for Deb. Vogel talks with Dexter about the Code again, stating that Harry insisted Dexter kill only bad people, but she insisted his first rule was never to get caught. Vogel then furthers her interest in Dexter’s mind, questioning why he didn’t kill his sister when Deb found out he was a serial killer. What’s eating Dexter Morgan as he struggles finding the answer, stammering on his words? The ones we love make us feel good, safe and happy. Why are breakups so painful or the passing of a loved one?

Actor Desmond Harrington, who plays Quinn, does a great job balancing playfulness with a well crafted intense stare, making him surprisingly endearing. Jennifer Carpenter carries “What’s Eating Dexter Morgan? The brain balls belong to Sussman, the one Dexter thought to be The Brain Surgeon, but he or she is obviously still out there. Vogel isn’t the accomplice in The Brain Surgeon murders, Dexter is quickly going through her list, investigating her old patients and finding they haven’t been living a clean life. Vogel has her own private serial killer taking out many of her ex-psychopathic patients. When he responds, he comes up with things he likes doing with her, like drinking beer and eating steaks. Selfishly, we want them back, to stop our own hollow pain. That apparent feeling could be the difference between life and death at season, and series, end.

Dexter has begun to realize that the closer he gets to Trinity, the more he stands to learn from this very different beast.

Trinity hides behind a well-kept mask, and getting behind that facade will require some extra prodding on Dexter's part.

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On tonight’s show, the Shepards bask in the success of What makes a great summer series? The epitome of a great summer show may be Fox’s The O.

The trailer highlights Dexter's double life as a suburban dad and vicious killer, plus the show's talented cast.

The series starred Hall, Julie Benz, Jennifer Carpenter, Erik King, Lauren Velez, David Zayas, Aimee Garcia, Desmond Harrington, C.

Something flashy, breezy, easy to DV-R and binge at a later date, perhaps. C., which The new summer TV season is almost here, and we've highlighted 10 new shows you just can't miss!

MAY Show: “Aquarius”Premiere Date: Thursday, May 28Time: PMNetwork: NBCStars: David Duchovny Synopsis: David Duchovny stars as LAPD Elle Fanning wears her workout clothes while heading to a nail salon for a mani-pedi on Monday (May 18) in Studio City, Calif.Quinn); Laura Velez (Maria La Guerta); Erik King (Sgt.