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29-Aug-2017 21:35

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A lot of attention was paid to ensure Islamic customs were respected.

The drinks and the sandwiches were all halal and a female tour guide was arranged so we would feel more comfortable.

If you are only seeking a relationship with another of the same faith, it is likely that you would be more suited to a matrimonial service – for the simple reason that the vast majority of members you will meet there will be Muslim (and most are seeking a partner of that faith).

Some sites, such as Qiran.com, Muslim and Islamic are designed more intentionally for the needs of their members – detailed partner searches link cultural and religious values for example.

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We are a community of peace, and love for humanity,” said Imam Haneef.

Over 20,000 participants from around the world attended this dynamic event.

This year’s annual convention included a special press conference in which media asked pertinent questions regarding increased social conflict and Islam’s response to contemporary issues.

Scientology might be well known in the US and in East Grinstead but in the Ahmadiyya Muslim community very few people know about it.

So when my friend Amelia Cavanagh invited me to visit her Church I arranged a group tour for Muslim ladies to see what they have to say.

After arriving at the TIC, mixed-race Tory candidate Mark Clarke had to be locked into a room for his own safety after he was mistaken for Mr Butt by fundametalists.