Advice for newly dating couples

27-Jul-2017 05:07

There’s nothing more exciting than a new relationship in love.

A new relationship brings with it a hope for good things and adds a bit of mystery that intrigues you to learn more.

When we alter who we are and portray values that are not our own, we attract people we were never meant to attract, therefore the relationship is doomed before it begins. It is much easier than putting forth the energy required to pretend. DON'T complain about your lack of luck with love or blame your city's [insert city name here] dating scene!

DO keep in mind that dating isn't easy for anyone, no matter where you live.

Are you spending time debating what to do with your worries or concerns about this particular person?

Do you see some problems and wish you could solve them?

Here are 10 ground rules for a new relationship that everyone should be following:1.

Do you wonder how to make your new relationship the best it can be?

Here are five things you can do to make the best of your relationship: © Copyright 2010 by Mona R. The preceding article was solely written by the author named above.

Barbera, Ph D, therapist in Providence, Rhode Island. Any views and opinions expressed are not necessarily shared by Good

In other words, having a healthy romance takes more than just showing up. Here are five tips for helping your new relationship flourish: 1. Most of the attributes necessary for a healthy, lasting romance take time to develop—trust; understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses; and compatibility demonstrated through both good times and hard times.

If you try to load the relationship with too much emotional weight before it is able to handle it, you risk ruining what was almost ready. Garden plants need plenty of room to set down roots—and so do new relationships.Then you've probably noticed the onslaught of search engine results when you Google the phrase "dating dos and don'ts." Yikes! DON'T convince yourself you only have one "type." DO widen your definition of a compatible mate. Still, it's nice when the man foots the bill after a dinner date. Is he the same race, or does he have the desired financial/educational status?

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