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22-Aug-2017 20:16

” For example, if my girlfriend tells me that the guy sitting next to her in class copied her answers and she somehow got in trouble for it, I’d say, “I’m gonna show him Kuzkin’s mother!

” I’ve asked, by the way, but no one seems to know who Kuzkin is, or why one would be inclined to show people his mother. It’s equally interesting to me how many of them are so similar. So there you have it, my 7 Russian sayings to make you fit in!

(And what was the Russian, in Cyrillic if possible? This is said in an incredibly thick English accent, with incorrect intonation, and with poor sound quality. Also, Arrow is clearly set in modern time (the car shown is a modern car, at least).

Russian is one of the most widely spoken native languages in Europe.

The Alexandrov Ensemble performed the song alongside circus performers during the interval of the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 semi-final.

The film was a semi-biography of Russian bass Feodor Chaliapin who famously sang and, during the early days of recording, recorded the song for HMV/Victor.

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